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This is the expansion board called EXP ONE. The EXP ONE is plug and play with Run-DMD board revision F. If you got a Revision D or E/E2, you'll need to modify the ribbon cable like this!

Main functions:
* Ready for adding a Remote Control (not included).
* Extra pair of buttons - Mount EXP ONE on the bottom of your FrancoB frame for easier access to the four buttons.
* Start your pinball machines in a sequence by remote controlling RF plugs (see compatible devices below).
* Ambient RGB LED light (LED stripe not included).

Full instruction:
The ”EXP ONE” is an optional Run-DMD expansion board that adds a number of features:
- “Easy acess buttons” for the wall mounted Run-DMD that wants access to the settings without lifting it from the wall. (Especially useful if you have firmware 2.30 or later, where animation browsing/enabling is available)
- Interface for 433Mhz/315Mhz remote control (not included).
- The “Wireless RF power control sequencer” makes it easy to power up/down all your pinball/arcade machines in a controlled, sequenced fashion at the push of a button, without blowing the mains fuses! Compatible with the self-learning 433Mhz power switches from “Bye Bye Standby”, “Chacon”, “CoCo Technologies”, “HomeEasy (UK)”, “Intertechno”, “Kappa”, “KlikAanKlikUit”, “Nexa”, “Proove”.
- With the “Ambient RGB LED light” you add a new dimension to the Run-DMD experience! Mount a LED strip light, up to 100cm (3x500mA), behind the Run-DMD and an ambient light effect that interacts with the animations spread out over the wall! In the menu there are settings to adjust the light to fit your game room.
“EXP ONE” connects directly to the expansion connector on Run-DMD “RevF” or later boards versions. (“EXP ONE” is fully compatible with pre-“RevF” boards to, but some soldering (10 connection points) are required).
For full functionality “EXP ONE” requires Run-DMD firmware v3.04 or later, but the easy access buttons and remote control will work regardless of firmware version.
When starting up a Run-DMD (v3.04 or later) with the “EXP ONE” connected, a notification is shown (in boot mode “verbose”) that the “EXP ONE” was found.
The LED on the “EXP ONE” board will be lit until the Run-DMD after startup established the connection, and the LED will then follow the Run-DMD board LED.
When the “EXP ONE” has been found, two new menu options are available, “AMBIENT LIGHT” and “RF POWER CTRL”.
Options in the “AMBIENT LIGHT” menu:
- BACKGROUND = Set the normal background color by adjusting R (red), G (green) and B (blue) levels. The LED strip light will adjust and preview color during setting.
- ANIMATIONS = Choose color (that will be mix with the selected background color) during animations. The chosen colors intensity will follow the displayed animations.
The LED strip light (not included) should be of common 5V type, with negative R,G,B lines. Up to 500mA per color (about 30 LEDs/100cm) can be connected.
Make sure you are using a Run-DMD power supply that can provide the additional current required, about 1.5A peek.
Options in the “RF POWER CTRL” menu:
- RECEIVERS = Number of power switches to control, 1 to 64, 0=function disabled.
- LEARNING = Program the RF power switch receiver unit:
a. Select the power switch ID to program, from 1 the setting in RECEIVERS above.
b. Set the power switch unit in learning mode (see the manual of the unit).
c. Press the “Send” (D) button, and the power switch should acknowledge.
- DELAY = Set sequence speed (time in seconds between the units will be powered on/shut down).
- ADDRESS = Selectable addressing master code. If this code is changed, the receiving power switched must be “re-learned”.
The above settings are saved within the “EXP ONE” and not on the SD-card, this to protect these settings regardless of SD-card swap/upgrade.
When the number of “receivers” has been set, use the “B” button to start the power up sequence and “C” button to shut down. The power up/down sequence can be cancelled with button “A”.
For this “Wireless power control sequencer” to work a compatible 433Mhz transmitter (not included) must be connected.

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