Run-DMD PICO (barebone)

Run-DMD PICO (barebone)

94 EUR
This is the barebone version of Run-DMD PICO. You'll need to provide your own case and OLED display module. Included in the barebone kit: Run-DMD PICO PCB, battery and power cable.

The Run-DMD PICO is a graphic, USB powered, battery backed, desktop alarm clock. It is a derivation from the larger Run-DMD CLASSIC/EDGE/WHITE LED matrix clocks, and can use the same SD-card data for animations, etc.

The Run-DMD PICO requires (in addition to the main pcb) a 3,2” OLED display, a micro SD-card, a CR2032-battery, an enclosure and a 5V USB power source.

There are 4 buttons on top of the Run-DMD PICO pcb with main functions of: Menu, Alarm 1, Alarm 2 and Night Mode. Within the menu system these buttons functions are different and displayed in the lower part of the display, just as on the classic Run-DMDs.

Key features of the Run-DMD PICO:

* Displays current time in various styles and formats
* Battery backup (CR2032) of internal real time clock
* 2PPM clock accuracy (within 5 seconds per month)
* 2 separate alarms (internal speaker) with snooze function
* Can display animations and play sounds from classic Run-DMD SD-card images
* Night mode to dim display and stop animations
* Custom text can be configured and displayed
* Display modes: DMD, CRT, LCD, Bar, Raster, Tiny
* Displays temperature (with external probe, option)
* Alarm EXT trigger signal (to control external components, option)
* Uses a micro SD/SDHC for internal storage of settings and data
* Powered through standard mini-USB connector (5V 500mA)