Component list

Here’s a list of components that should work fine with your Run-DMD. We can’t guarantee that the sellers listed has the product in stock or even that it’s the same product listed from when we wrote this FAQ.

Power supply

PSU for Run-DMD Edge & White:

PSU for Run-DMD Pinball:

HUB08 panels (Run-DMD Edge)

HUB08 panels for the Run-DMD Edge.
Note that you need two of these for one Run-DMD.

Dual color: Link to Aliexpress

HUB75 panels (Run-DMD White)

HUB75 panels for the Run-DMD White.
Note that you need two of these for one Run-DMD.

Link to Aliexpress

Mounting instructions

Here’s some old mounting instructions for the Run-DMD Edge. Things could have changed since these were made, so please drop us a line if you have any doubts. Download the mounting instructions as a PDF file here

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Are you having trouble? Check the steps below to have your Run-DMD up and running in no time. Does it still not work? Drop us an e-mail and we’ll help you out.

When will you send my order?

Orders are usually sent out the next business day. If we’re out of stock, shipping can take up to two weeks.

How do I track my order?

All orders are sent from Sweden. So until the order has reached  your country, it can be tracked on Postnords website in english.

The LED on the Run-DMD is not flashing steady once/sec, or currupted data/garbage is shown on the DMD

1 – Verify that the SD-card is inserted correctly

2 – The data on the SD-card could be corrupt, rewrite the SD-card

3 – The SD-card you are using might not be compatible with Run-DMD, try the SD-card that came with the Run-DMD

LED panels are black after SD card update

Try and hold down button 3 while applying power and let the Run-DMD cycle through the different DMD settings. Press button 4 when the correct test image is displayed to save the settings.

Run-DMD restarts randomly

1 – Make sure the power supply is securely connected to the Run-DMD without extensions.

2 – Check that the power supply can provide the peek current required by the DMD + 500mA:

Pinball LED DMD, min 3A
2 x HUB08 (12″x6″) singel color, min 8A
2 x HUB08 (12″x6″) dual color, min 10A (low/medium brightness)

3 – A corrupt SD-card could cause restarts, try rewriting the SD-card

What DMDs are compatible with Run-DMD?

Run-DMD (from RevE) supports all of the 4 different signal types of single/dual color HUB08s (64×32 pixels, 1/16 scan) we have seen.

X-Pin pinball LED DMDs ( has been tested and works.

Stern LED DMD (520-5052-05) has been tested and works.

Stern LED DMD (520-5052-15) has been tested and works from firmware v2.22.

The Plasma DMDs we have tested has been working with Run-DMD, but a plasma DMD power supply is required.

If you have tested a specific DMD not listed above, please let us know! 🙂

What are the red/green/black ``jumpers`` on the Run-DMD board used for?

The red/green jumpers (“HUB08 COLOR”) enables the red/green colors if using dual color HUB08 DMDs.

By default both red and green jumpers are installed and results in yellow/amber color, remove the red or green (“R”/”G”) jumpers to change color.

The black jumper (“PU/PD”) should normally be installed in the “PD” position, if amber settings works fine but flickering occurs in pure red or green setting, you should move the black jumper to the “PU” position.

Can I upgrade the Run-DMD firmware myself?

Yes, if you have a PICKIT3 tool you can update the dsPIC33EP-type MCU on the Run-DMD.

Run-DMD boards RevA/B/F2/F3 has a “ICSP” connector that you can connect the PICKIT3 to. If you have another Run-DMD board revision you need to remove the MCU and place it in a separate dsPIC33 ICSP socket for upgrading, this socket is available in the shop.

The firmware hex-files are available for download at, please note the board revision and MCU type since they use different firmware hex-files!

If you have questions regarding how to use PICKIT3, please refer to the website.

The remote control I have connected to a EXP-board only works consistently at very short distances.

Some types of DMD modules can transmit high frequency noise that can interfere and limit the range of the remote control (most common with some of the HUB08 DMD modules). To resolve this problems, try relocating the EXP-board so that the remote control sub-board stays as clear of the DMD modules as possible. You can also adjust the wire antenna to extend away from the DMD modules.

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