HUB12 Interface Board


Run-DMD HUB12 Interface board requires a Run-DMD equipped with a HUB08 or HUB75 connector, and firmware v3.60 or higher. Connect using the HUB08 or HUB75 connector depending on your Run-DMD main board type. Re-start the DMD selection process (button 3 on when applying power).
Data cable between Run-DMD and the HUB12 Interface board is included.

To build a complete HUB12 setup you’ll need 8 pcs. HUB12 panels: Link to Aliexpress

STL-files for HUB12 brackets are available for download here. Download link

3D print the following amount of each bracket:
– 6 pcs. ”HUB12 mounting backet”
– 3 pcs. ”HUB12 center bracket”
– 2 pcs. ”HUB12 vertical side bracket”

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