Run-DMD Pico


This is the full kit of Run-DMD PICO. The Run-DMD PICO PCB, Micro SD-card, battery and USB power cable is included together with a PICO ready 3,2″ OLED display module. The kit is also contains a tinted front glass with 4 x hex M3x25 plus key and 3D printed housing (consumer based printer).

Add your desired color on the order note, if no note is added we will ship random colors that’s available for the moment.

OLED color: Amber, White, Cyan
3D printed case color: Black, White Red, Pink.

The Run-DMD PICO is a graphic, USB powered, battery backed, desktop alarm clock. It is a derivation from the larger Run-DMD CLASSIC/EDGE/WHITE LED matrix clocks, and can use the same SD-card data for animations, etc.

The Run-DMD PICO requires (in addition to the main pcb) a 3,2” OLED display, a micro SD-card, a CR2032-battery, an enclosure and a 5V USB power source. All of the mentioned components are included in this full kit.

There are 4 buttons on top of the Run-DMD PICO pcb with main functions of: Menu, Alarm 1, Alarm 2 and Night Mode. Within the menu system these buttons functions are different and displayed in the lower part of the display, just as on the classic Run-DMDs.

Key features of the Run-DMD PICO:

* Displays current time in various styles and formats
* Battery backup (CR2032) of internal real time clock
* 2PPM clock accuracy (within 5 seconds per month)
* 2 separate alarms (internal speaker) with snooze function
* Can display animations and play sounds from classic Run-DMD SD-card images
* Night mode to dim display and stop animations
* Custom text can be configured and displayed
* Display modes: DMD, CRT, LCD, Bar, Raster, Tiny
* Displays temperature (with external probe, option)
* Alarm EXT trigger signal (to control external components, option)
* Uses a micro SD/SDHC for internal storage of settings and data
* Powered through standard mini-USB connector (5V 500mA)

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Here’s your first piece in the puzzle for building the most awesome clock that has ever existed in this world.
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