Run-DMD Pinball MK2


This is the Pinball MK2 version of Run-DMD with angled push buttons making them easier to be reached when mounted inside a frame. Run-DMD Pinball MK2 is not compatible with HUB08 & HUB75 panels!

The Run-DMD Pinball is compatible with the following DMD:s:
– Pinball LED DMD (Stern or Xpin)

The Run-DMD will be delivered with the latest firmware. A SD-card and a CR2032 battery are also included in the package.
PSU and data cable shown in the product image are includes as well.

Links to PSU are provided in the FAQ.

PCB size: 5 x 5 cm

Only 1 left in stock



Here’s your first piece in the puzzle for building the most awesome clock that has ever existed in this world. Add a PSU and a LED pinball DMD (none of these are included) to your Run-DMD and you are up and running in no time.
Orders are usually sent out 1-2 working days after your order, but if we’re out of stock, it could take up to two weeks.


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