Run-DMD Control Center v.0.10

Run-DMD Control Center v.0.10 released. Download link here!

Run-DMD Control Center” (v0.10) is the first release of a Windows based software for modifying or creating SD-card images for the Run-DMD.
In this first version basic DMD/clock configurations are available along with the possibility to import images for use as clock backgrounds.
To be able to use the ”background” feature, the Run-DMD must be running firmware v3.60 or later.
(Any Run-DMD (regardless of board version) can be upgraded to v3.60 using a ”PICkit 3” from Microchip.)

Installation on Run-DMD Control Center:

  • On a Windows PC, create a new directory ”Run-DMD Control Center” and place the ”Run-DMD Control Center.exe” file in it.
  • Create a subdirectory named ”Backgrounds” and place your images files in it (BMP/PNG/JPG).
  • If you don’t already have ”Win32DiskImager” installed, download and install it. (


  • Read the content of your Run-DMD SD-card using ”Win32DiskImager” to file ”Run-DMD.img” and place it in the Run-DMD Control Center direcory.
  • Start Run-DMD Control Center and select ”Read SD image”.
  • Place your images in the ”Background” directory.
  • Select ”Import”.
  • Do any other changes you would like, then select ”Update SD image”.
  • Using ”Win32DiskImager” write back the ”Run-DMD.img” file to the SD-card.
  • Insert the SD-card in the Run-DMD and power it up.
  • Make any additional settings using the Run-DMD menus.
  • In case you do not det any image on the DMDs, restart the Run-DMD while pressing button 3 to start the select DMD process.

Background image files:

Run-DMD Control Center can read BMP, JPEG och PNG files and will resize them if needed.
For best results use images with a resolution of 128×32 pixels. Use images with high contrasts!

We hope to have additional features available in Run-DMD Control Center soon.
Enjoy! 😊